Destiny Christian School

The Home---White-BG small of mediated learning

Mediated learners are strategy thinkers… strategic thinkers are leaders

Reports & Documents

2016 3 Year Education Plan and AERR Report
A copy of the 2015-16 Audited Financial Statement is available upon request

Leadership of Destiny School:

Glenn Mullen (B. Ed.) & Marjorie Mullen (B. Ed.)
Glenn serves as principal of Destiny School.
Marj is the coordinator of the MLE training programs.

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“Destiny Christian School is like a home to me.”

Destiny Christian School is like a home to me because: People are friendly. It is a safe place. Teachers are caring and help me learn. Teachers help resolve fights and then we are friends after. There are lots of fun things to do. – Colten Wilson (Grade 5)

Enrolling our daughter at DCS was an easy decision after meeting the principals and staff. Their personal commitment and care of each student is unparalleled. Clearly, they are concerned for the whole child’s development, not just academics. Having this partnership in a world of uncertainty and compromise was not only an ease on us as parents but gave our daughter a safe and nurturing environment for her primary and elementary years. Today Clara has a solid foundation thanks to this partnership.
Esther Gillingham, Mother
At DCS I was challenged to the highest of standards of education and behaviour. The individualized attention I received gave me the opportunity to develop my abilities and explore my gifts. I graduated from grade 9 confident and prepared for my future.
Clara Gillingham, Student
As a parent, it is a great comfort to me to understand why certain things are so challenging for my child, and that the tools are available to help her overcome these difficulties and succeed.
The program treats the child as an individual: she doesn’t have to learn the same way as everyone else.
Brenda Hilling, Mother