Meet Our Staff

Jonathan Bolton
Jonathan BoltonPrincipal
B.A from Brandon University with a major in English and minor in Canadian Native Studies.

B.Ed from Brandon University with specialization in Elementary Education.

M.Ed. from City University

I assumed the Principal position in September 2020 and this will be my third year in the role.  I love working with kids and helping them succeed in every area of life.  Everyone is a leader and I strongly believe we are raising the leaders of tomorrow. I believe that every child can learn and it’s my mission, along with all the other staff, to see that happen.  I’m married to Natalia and we have two boys named Joshua and Nathan and a baby girl named Emma.

Tim Gill
Tim GillVice Principal & Grade 7 Homeroom Teacher
B P.E. (Exercise Physiology) from University of Calgary in 1995.
B Ed After Degree (Middle School) from University of Alberta in 2001.

I graduated from the school when it was called People’s Christian Academy. I returned to DCS in the fall of 1995 as a learning facilitator and started to teach junior high after getting my after degree. All three of my children have attended Destiny and benefited from the Christ centered learning environment. I teach math, science, physical education and a variety of option classes for grades 6 to 9 as well as taking a leadership role in the sports program that provides our students opportunity to compete with many of the schools in the public and separate school systems. It has been a great pleasure to work with an amazing staff over the years. God continues to grow our staff with teachers who have a vast variety of teaching expertise. We celebrate the different learning styles of students and strive to create an environment where Christ is honored and students are prepared for their God given destiny! In 2017 I had the privilege of assuming the vice principal role as well.

Sarah McKee
Sarah McKeePreschool Teacher
Diploma in Early Learning & Child Care

This is my first year teaching at DCS and it’s an honor to be part of such an incredible team who empowers children to be leaders in their community! I have a passion for teaching young children and helping them learn skills through play. I can’t wait to teach your little ones and raise them up to love Jesus!

Meagan Moser
Meagan MoserKindergarten & Music Teacher
BCC University of Calgary
B. Ed. University of Calgary majoring in Inclusive Education

Previously I have taught grade 2, 3, 5 and K-5 music. I love building relationships with students while helping them build their relationship with Jesus. I believe that learning is a life long journey and I look forward to learning with my students everyday. It’s going to be an amazing year!

Carol Abt
Carol AbtGrade 1 Teacher
B.Ed University of Alberta

For as long as she can remember, Carol wanted to be a teacher, so upon graduating from high school she studied her first two years of post secondary education at the Red Deer College and then transferred to the University of Alberta to complete her Bachelor of Education Degree. She has enjoyed teaching in Red Deer since 1990 and will be the first to tell you she has the best job on the planet! Over the years, she has taught pretty much every grade up to and including Grade 9, but her absolute favorite, is Grade 1.  Their enthusiasm about everything and their sense of humor make going to work an absolute delight!  Faith, family, church and friends are the relational pillars in her life and when she’s not teaching she enjoys designing, taking care of her yard, cooking, reading, spending time with family and friends and of course, shopping!  Her favorite restaurant in Red Deer is Earl’s and she loves it when she discovers a quaint little specialty shop or café filled with country charm.  She believes in the power of prayer and on the tough days, she just holds on to the promises in the Word of God with a little more resolve.

Tasha Balasbas
Tasha BalasbasGrade 2 Teacher
B.Ed from the University of Alberta

Mrs. Balasbas returns to the DCS family this year. She previously taught grade 4 and we are excited to welcome her back in a new role as grade 2 teacher.

Amanda Wright
Amanda WrightGrade 3 Teacher

B.Ed, University of Alberta

Mrs. Wright is rejoining the team as grade 3 teacher. We are excited to welcome her back from maternity leave.

O'Nesseia Edmondson
O'Nesseia EdmondsonGrade 4 Teacher

Teaching Diploma in Primary Education
Church Teachers’ College (Jamaica 2000)

Bachelor of Arts in Early Childhood Education
Sojourner-Douglass College (USA, 2008)

Master of Education in Educational Leadership
City University of Seattle in Canada (2022)

I commenced my teaching career in Jamaica in 2000. There I taught for 2 years with the Ministry of Education before moving to The Bahamas where I taught with the Archdiocese of Catholic Education for 15 years. In 2017 my family moved to Canada and in September of 2020 I started my journey at Destiny Christian School while simultaneously completing my masters with City University of Seattle.

Throughout my career I have taught grades 1, 2, 4, and 5. I am excited, humbled and honoured to be a part of the dynamic team here at DCS.

My educational philosophy begins with my unwavering belief that all students can learn. Children are like sponges. If they are placed in the right environment with the right level of encouragement, love and growth opportunities, they will be successful. Children are God’s gifts, and each one should be held to the highest degree of value. They have the right to learn in a healthy, protected and encouraging environment.

Brandi Gerber
Brandi GerberGrade 5 Teacher
B.Ed in 1999 from RDC in collaboration with U of A.

Taught at DCS for 4 years before taking time off to raise her babies.

DCS has been a huge part of my life. I attended high school here, I teach here and my children now attend the school.

It is a school that cares about all aspects of a child: educational, emotional and spiritual and we work with the families to bring children to success. I love that the teachers genuinely care for the students, and help them to grow as individuals!

Jenessa WardGrade 5 Teacher
B Ed. from U of A (Middle School Program)

I’m so honored to be a part of a school that empowers and inspires students to reach for the potential that God has given each one of them. I’m blessed to be able to teach Grade 5.

Erin Gill
Erin GillGrade 6 Homeroom Teacher

B.Ed U of Lethbridge

We are excited to welome Miss Gill to the DCS team. She will take on the role as Grade 6 homeroom teacher.

Tammy Paylor
Tammy PaylorMiddle School Teacher

B.Ed U of A

I teach LA 9, Science 6, 7 & 8.

I am currently teaching Grades 6-8 Science and 9th Grade Language Arts, with a roll as Grade 6 Homeroom teacher.

I joined the staff team at Destiny Christian School as a Jr. High Language Arts Teacher fall 2020.

Prior to joining Destiny, I took 6 years away from teaching to be a dealership Financial Services Manager, but God was faithful and brought me back to teaching!

Nathan Mullen
Nathan MullenGrade 9 Homeroom
B. Education from University of Alberta

I am excited to be joining the team at DCS!  I have been working with the team since January 2020 and look forward to the future at DCS. I teach Math 8 & 9 and Social 9. I also help the the PE and Athletics program.

Karen Wheeler
Karen WheelerGr. 1 & Gr. 2 EA
Educational Assistant Certification from RDC

I began as an educational assistant at Destiny School in 2008.  I love working with the kids in such a great atmosphere.

Wendy Ward
Wendy WardLiteracy Coach
I love working with students and helping them realize their reading potential.
Corrine Liivam
Corrine LiivamAcademic Administrator
I started working at Destiny in the fall of 2001. After taking time off when my sons were born I slowly increased my hours till I returned full time in 2013. I’ve always been amazed by my co-workers. The teachers at Destiny truly want to see each student succeed, both academically and spiritually. I get to play a small part in the lives of our future leaders. What an amazing gift!

Estelle Matula
Estelle MatulaExecutive Assistant
My journey with DCS began as a student graduating grade 12 in 1995.  I then began working in the school office during summers, (1997 & 1998), and then full time as administrator for the 2000/2001 school year.  I consider it such a privilege to again be a part of the administration team and work alongside a great team of teachers and staff! I’m equally excited to have my own children now attend DCS!

Diane Genkens
Diane GenkensFinance Director
Allan Case
Allan CaseBus Driver