Destiny School, to assist the home and church in training disciplined leaders for world-wide Christian service to impact communities and influence nations.


Destiny Christian School is like a home to me because:
People are friendly and It is a safe place.
Teachers are caring and help me learn.They help resolve fights and then we are friends after.
There are lots of fun things to do.
Colten Wilson, Former Student
Destiny is a safe environment for our children and the overall attitude from staff and students is VERY positive, it’s very much like a family team working together including every age group. There are NO bullies or reoccurring issues between students because they are instructed and shown how to accept each other as they are.
Lorna Wilson, Mother of Former Student
I believe very strongly that Destiny School would be an asset to our already positive Chinooks Edge School Division.

Destiny’s Mediated Learning Enrichment Program provided my children with diagnostic testing which pinpointed the strengths and weaknesses of their brain’s cognitive functions. This program then provided specific tools, fourteen separate instruments used to strengthen and improve each cognitive function.

Petrina Gratton, Past Enrolling Mother of Three
The MLE program helps the child be more confident about learning. My daughter is starting to see that she is not ‘stupid’ or that she ‘can’t do’ certain things, but that her brain sees things a certain way. She is not abnormal.
Brenda Hilling, Mother of students
It was misery before Destiny, no friends and classes were rough. I like FIE because it helps me with my precision and accuracy in everything I do.
Destiny is like a family. Its is great because it is a fun place to be Okay!
I know that the school is going to grow because of Jesus Christ.
Colten Wilson, Former Student
I graduated from Destiny Christian School in the year 2014. This school was life changing for me, I experienced a lot of love and became much closer with God. I felt I was in a second home in a second family, with this school it taught me to be more open to what’s ahead for me, in other words, it help me gain more confidence.
Lastly all I can say now is I am blessed to say that I graduated from Destiny Christian School.
Azyhelmor Tultog, Grad Student

Single Testimonials

The MLE program in DCS was an asset to me, with this program my brain became more energetic in learning, it help me learn strategies on how to work with school work… and not just in academics but in daily situation in life, MLE is a step toward success…
Ayzhelmor Tultog, Grad Student
Destiny has been a God sent for us and we thank you and your staff for the dedication, sacrifices, time and the many unnoticed things you do for our children. You understand that each student learns differently and offers something unique..
Lorna Wilson
Destiny is an amazing school. I truly appreciate how they partner with home and church to ensure that my child is well taken care and growing in all the aspects of her life, not just academically.
Sarah Thomson, Mother
I decided early on that my children would grow up in a Christian environment. It is because of the Word of God planted in my son Matthew’s heart that he knows who his is in Christ. The mentors and leaders Matthew had at Destiny were an important part of creating his confidence in Christ. This confidence equipped him to achieve so well academically.
After graduating from Destiny School, Matthew went on to play soccer & badmontin, as well as join the x-country team at Notre Dame. He gratuated in 2013 as the class Valedictorian and is currently enrolled in the Engineering Program at the U of A