Destiny Christian School

The Home---White-BG small of mediated learning

Mediated learners are strategy thinkers… strategic thinkers are leaders


Leadership of Destiny School:

Glenn Mullen (B. Ed.) & Marjorie Mullen (B. Ed.) Glenn and Marj serve as advisors to the team at Destiny School. Marj is the coordinator of the MLE training programs.

Jonathan Bolton (M. Ed. & B. Ed.) & Tim Gill (B. Ed.) Jonathon serves as principal of Destiny School. Tim is the vice principal, grade 7 homeroom and coordinator of the Athletic programs.

“Destiny Christian School is like a home to me.”

Destiny Christian School is like a home to me because: People are friendly. It is a safe place. Teachers are caring and help me learn. Teachers help resolve fights and then we are friends after. There are lots of fun things to do. – Colten Wilson (Former student)

Destiny Christian school has been an answer to prayer and a blessing to our family.  We love that we get to send our kids to a school that has high standards in faith, academics and sports.  The teachers are high quality and love our kids like their own.  We truly love Destiny Christian School and are very happy with our decision to send our kids to this great school!
Ryan & Kathy Gaunce, Parents